Old Hempel Family Pictures

Here are a couple of collections of family pictures. I will work on including videos in the future. They are a bit more time consuming. My ultimate goal is to get as much of the family memorabilia as possible digitized so that it will be preserved for future generations.

This is a work in progress. As time goes on I will eventually go back through the files individually to enter all of the identifying information that I know. I will also break them up into smaller collections broken down by location, events, etc.


Here are some very old pictures from the Hempel side of the family. Most of these are scans of my grandfather’s photo album.

The pictures below are of our immediate family when my sister and I were young. There may be a few duplicates from the collection above. These are scans from a box of very old pictures. There are quite a few from a family vacation to Colorado in 1971.